Coating of components


Tribological coatings: hard and smooth

Highly stressed components for the auto industry and in the general machine-building industry are reaching their performance limits with increasing frequency.

PVD and PACVD coatings are already being successfully used to increase the performance and life of precision components.

The metalliferous hydrocarbon coatings (TT®-WCC®) and amorphous carbon coatings (TT®-DLC) in particular offer beneficial tribological properties such as low dry friction and excellent wear resistance.

H-O-T uses ultra-modern PVD/PACVD equipment for the deposition of tribological coatings.

An overview of tribological coatings

The use of H-O-T tribo-coatings can significantly enhance surface properties without influencing the underlying material. The coating process temperature is about 180°C. Both the tribological coatings and the PVD/PACVD processes are environmentally friendly.

H-O-T tribological coatings therefore offer excellent potential for the design of highly stressed components with even greater performance.

Recommendations for specific applications are to be found in our data sheet.

  • Coating plant TT-1500
  • TT-DLC-coated piston pin
  • TT-DLC-coated bolt/pin
  • TT-DLC-coated piston pin
  • TT-DLC-coated piston rings
  • TT-WCC-coated clamping screws
  • TT-Cr2N-coated cap tappets
  • TT-DLC-coated pump tappets
  • AlTiN-coated valve
  • TT-WCC-coated bearing components/roller bearings
  • TT-DLC-coated needle bearing bolts
  • TT-DLC-coated media distributor
  • TT-DLC-coated shaft

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