Coating technology


(Physical Vapour Deposition)

Stands for the physical deposition of thin layers during the vapour phase. This process produces layers with a high proportion of covalent bonds of the layer atoms.

(Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition)

Is a development of the CVD process and combines the advantages of both the PVD and the CVD process. In the PACVD process the coating is deposited by a chemical reaction from the gas phase at temperatures below 180°C with a specific plasma support.

Properties such as hardness and thermal and chemical stability are significantly enhanced by the PVD coating of precision tools and high quality components.
At the same time properties such as the coefficient of friction, the tendencies to jam, clog, stick, corrode and oxidise are significantly reduced.

Our high-tech coatings have been used in all sectors of industry since 1988.

Our customers are to be found in:

  • Auto industry
  • Medical technology
  • Aerospace industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Textile industry
  • Mechanical engineering industry
  • Tool construction

Click here for a summary of all H-O-T coatings.

  • TiCN coated cavity plates
  • TT-DLC coated milling tool for machining aluminium
  • NovaDur HC f coated drill
  • NovaDur HC f coated drill
  • NovaDur F coated hob cutter
  • Cr2N coated injection moulding die
  • Milling test
  • NovaDur HC coated cutting tools
  • TiN and TT-DLC coated injection moulding die
  • TiN coated screw tip
  • Cutter heads with various coatings
  • Coating plant TT-1500
  • TT-DLC-coated piston pin
  • TT-DLC-coated bolt/pin
  • TT-DLC-coated piston pin
  • TT-DLC-coated piston rings
  • TT-WCC-coated clamping screws
  • TT-Cr2N-coated cap tappets
  • TT-DLC-coated pump tappets
  • AlTiN-coated valve
  • TT-WCC-coated bearing components/roller bearings
  • TT-DLC-coated needle bearing bolts
  • TT-DLC-coated media distributor
  • TT-DLC-coated shaft
  • TiN-coated gradually countersink

We update and optimise precision machine tools and high-grade components.